To the Alumicraft Street Rod Grilles website!

We are the leading grille insert supplier for the street rod industry-no one else comes close.  With over 100 regular production grilles, plus the possibility of “one-off” grilles, what we can build for you is ENDLESS!  Most all of our inserts are built to order.  That means that the grille you get will match the build style of YOUR car, not just some “off the shelf” generic insert that you have to settle with.

With our recent purchase of our new HAAS VF4SS, we have been adding a lot of custom machine grilles for the pro touring/muscle car crowd.  We already offer CNC grilles for '62-64 Chevy II, '64-'66 Mustangs, '70 Mustangs - both the standard and Mach 1, 1967 Chevy Camaro Std and '67-'68 RS, 1969 Chevy Camaro RS, '64-66 Chevy C-10, 1967-68 Chevy C-10, as well as others that are on the drawing board.  Please email for pictures and pricing.

If you've noticed a change in our prices, we have done our best to hold pricing at 2013 levels for as long as possible by improving efficiency, buying our material in bigger quantities and investing in better/faster equipment, but with increases in insurance, material and labor costs, we could no longer absorb those increases.  Even with these increases, we are still priced lower on most of our grilles compared to our competition.  We continue to design, polish and build all of our grilles in house and only outsource laser cutting and chrome plating (www.customchromeplating.com).  This allows us to continue to maintain strict quality standards by employing local craftsman.  We don't import anything from overseas, not even our aluminum!

Browse around our site and check us out.  Should you have any questions, please email or call us for further information.

Our latest grilles: (pictures and information to be added soon)

  • 1932 Ford stock insert with teardrop crankhole
  • 1932 Ford Pines trimmed grille (Winterfront grille surround and center bar, but original style grille bars)
  • 1932 Pines Winterfront grille
  • 1934/1935 Chevy Standard with trim band
  • 1934 Chevy Master with trim band
  • 1935 Chevy Master with trim band
  • 1940 Mercury center "beak"
  • 1941 Ford center grille and matching fender grilles
  • 1962-64 Chevy II CNC hexagon grilles
  • 1964 1/2-1966 Ford Mustang extruded bar stock grilles
  • 1964 1/2-1966 Ford Mustang CNC hexagon grilles
  • 1964-1966 Chevy C-10 truck CNC hexagon grilles
  • 1967-68 Chevy C-10 truck CNC hexagon grilles
  • 1967 Chevy Camaro Standard CNC hexagon grilles
  • 1967-68 Chevy Camaro RS CNC hexagon grilles
  • 1969 Chevy Camaro RS CNC hexagon grilles
  • 1975-1979 Corvette
  • 1984 Chevy C-10 Squarebody

Looking forward to meeting your grille needs!
Dan Baker, owner